Facebook Messenger Bot - A Blessing or a Curse?

Do you want to enhance your business with the use of Facebook messenger? Do you wish to improve your customer services with a chatbot? As the name indicates, the Facebook chatbot is an artificial-intelligence-based facility that lets human interaction. Facebook allows you download Messenger bot on your page through which, you can interact with your customers automatically, even when you are not online.

It seems mystical that you can actually place an order, buy tickets, set an appointment, get directions, or ask anything at all with a non-human source. Basically, the chatbot performs the function of a human employee working in a call center- assisting customers and answering their questions.

Look for these interesting Facebook Messenger chatbots and chose the one that suits your business. We are gonna talk about the reasons why you should and shouldn’t opt for these chatbots.

Why Should You Opt for Facebook Chatbot?

1. Makes things Faster and Convenient

We all are lazy and we get even lazier when it comes to booking an appointment and ordering something. We just want to it to be done at our fingertips while staying home. A well-programmed Facebook chatbot eases things for lazy customers by providing them with a faster response.

2. Enhanced Customer Services

Do you know 18,000 Facebook chatbots have already been created, and they have resulted in success for their business? The reason is, it saves customers’ time to reach a company’s hotline. Also, it saves them from listening to the irritating on-hold music and responds them instantly.

Since these bots are emotionless, they deliver the built-in message right away as per the needs of customers. The traditional call centers have been replaced by chatbots since it enhances customer services and promotes your business.

3. Improved Communication

Well, there are two types of bots- Al-tech based and unintelligent. The latter uses the written conversation flows, and the former interacts with humans with keywords, but it sounds more personal and human.

The communication between you as a business owner and your customer increases tenfold because the chatbot satisfies your customer by answering their questions even when you are busy or not in the mood of talking.

4. Increased Sales and Other Functions

Well, don’t think you are gonna relax and the bot will do everything for you. At the end of the day, it’s your business and you have got to look into every aspect and take care of it. What bots do is, reduces your burden by performing repetitive tasks and assisting customers. As a result, the sales increases and your business flourish.

When Do They Become Problematic?

Do you hate those forced Farmville notifications that appeared every time when you logged into Facebook? Sometimes, these messenger bots irritate in the same way. A few bots, such as Hi bot has been reported for spam by several customers. Basically, the bot was meant to assist the users for weather updates. First, it failed to recognize basic questions asked by the user, and then it kept on sending at least two messages per day unless the user shuts it off.

So, the pros related to these chatbots are pretty much obvious, but in order to avoid the above mentioned related issues, a meticulous programming is needed.




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